WPC: Half and Half – Hamburg Binnenalster

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ben Huberman asks:

This week, share an image that has two clear halves, literally or figuratively. You could focus on composition, like me, and take a photo with an explicit dividing line (either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal). Or take the theme in other directions: zoom in on a pair of objects that together form a whole. Show two people whose demeanor or personality complement each other. Or bring into balance two opposing visual elements — light and dark, color and its absence, sharp focus juxtaposed with blurriness.

I have thought about this difficult theme and finally found this pic showing the Alster Lake in the middle of Hamburg. One of the most attractive highlights to see. During summer a huge fountain is spending coolness and attractive motives. Here the spray of the Alster Fountain divides the panorama into half and half.

Binnenalster Fontäne

Binnenalster Fontäne

The fountain has been build in 1987. Its water goes up to 60m

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